It is the last match for Egypt in the World Cup, and my third match in a row to watch.

Students watching Egypt vs. Saudi Arabia match

The dorm’s common room is at its fullest capacity. Students from different nationalities gathered to watch Egypt plays versus Saudi Arabia in their last match in Russia.

I felt like I was in a mini stadium as, the room was full of Egyptian flags hung in the air, while everyone was wearing red shirts. Loud screams and laughs were coming from everywhere, I could barely listen to what my friends were saying.

The match started at 4PM; it’s lunch time hence, pizza boxes were present on every table. Everyone was eating cheerfully, and the excitement grew more when Mohamed Salah scored the first goal in the match.

People jumped in the air, yelling and cursing the Saudi team, Egypt scored! However, again, this happiness did not last long. A Saudi ball hit our goal and so did the sadness to our hearts.

We did not even scream, we just went into a period of total silence. It could be stress, disbelief, anger, or we just don’t want to accept the fact that we are losing, once more.

After the 2nd Saudi goal

The joyful spirit did not visit the room again. As a second Saudi goal ensured that Egypt had lost its third match as well.

Seconds left for the referee to whistle declaring the end of the match, but people could not wait longer. The gloomy crowd started to spread quietly, everyone was holding their breath in order not to cry.

After Egypt lost the match

I looked to my friend who was crying, I go to him and pat his shoulder gently saying, “It’s just a game.” He looked to me with tearing eyes and said sarcastically, “Wipe off your tears first.” I laughed and said, “Don’t worry about me, this is my last match to watch, I don’t belong in the cheering crowd!”