Aya laying on the ground

She is wearing a black heavy blouse with long furry sleeves, black linen pants with a glamorous chic necklace around her neck. Sitting in an old coffee-house in El-Hussein street in old Cairo on a December night, laughing loudly with her friends till her eyes tears up from happiness.

This is how I visualized a perfect night for Aya from the information I have gathered during the interview. The interview that we unfortunately did on a hot sunny day in the university gardens.

“Let’s start the interview,” I said. Aya replied with great excitement that I could see in her eyes, “Yes, let’s do that!”

Sitting casually, Aya Abd El-Hay, the 20-year-old CMA Major student in the American University in Cairo, started to open up and tell me everything about her life, in cheerful and enthusiastic voice.

You cannot pin down exactly what she is passionate about, as she is passionate about life as a whole.

“What inspires you in life?” I asked. She answered instantaneously “My family. They are the ones that keep me going forward.” Yet, Aya’s friends are important to her too, and you could notice that easily while talking to her. She kept mentioning them in every sentence.

Hence, normally when I asked her what are you afraid of the most in life, she replied quickly but in a slow sad tone “to be alone.” Her answer perfectly made sense as she is used to live with her parents, two sisters, and two brothers; therefore, being alone won’t be her piece of cake.

Cities, and countries won’t make a difference for Aya, for all she wants is to feel secure and relaxed with the company around her. For instance, her response to the question what is your favourite country? was “The country where my family is.”

The Future for Aya is a bit hazy and unknown; yet, she is very optimistic about it. She still doesn’t know exactly what is her dream job, but she thinks that any job that she feels happy and comfortable in, will be just perfect. As long as, it is not a routine job.

“I am a loud kind person,” she replied in an attempt to describe herself; yet, she did not have to. I already knew that when she told me previously that she is a drummer who listens to rock and jazz music that likes to help people.

Unfortunately, Aya is allergic to various stuff, so whenever you decide to visit her, to see if she is well. Make sure to get her chocolates instead the flower bouquet or she will not let you in. However, if you were out and you want to get her something, buy her fries or pretzels as she is more of a salty person. Don’t forget the Pepsi, it’s her favourite drink.