The groom and his bride

     Love is in the air, they say, but at my friend Nancy’s wedding it was energy in the air. People just could not stop dancing. By the end of it all, I walked barefoot to my car, as my swollen red feet could not stand the fancy black heels anymore.

Weddings are my favourite events – they are glamorous, elegant, and sentimental affairs, so who could ask for more! There are multiple things that I like about weddings, but what I love the most is getting ready for the wedding itself. It is like a pre-ceremony ritual for me.

But the day did not kick off well at all. For starters, I had a fight with my mom and one of my friends, and when I tried to get over that and dunk some biscuits in milk, I found out that the biscuits were rotten and the milk had expired. However, it turned out to be a magnificent night.

I am not the kind of person who normally dresses up, so events like these are my chance to follow up in the game of fashion and beauty. My pre-wedding rituals begin with taking a long bath to dissolve all my stress, problems, and dead skin. After that, I try to revive my beauty by applying multiple face masks, straighten up my hair and put makeup on. Now it is time for the dress, and I am good to go.

My friends and I were standing in front of the wedding hall, all dressed up, shiny as we could ever be, and definitely late as always. I opened the door and a massive wave of incredibly loud music hit me. We entered the hall to find flashes of red, blue, and white lights everywhere; yet, it did not prevent me from seeing that all eyes were on us for a couple of seconds. I often imagine myself tripping over in these seconds, but thank God, I managed to walk with straight confident steps until the hail of kissing and hugging started when I reached the people I know.

Guests were already on the dance floor when we arrived. We were all hyped and happy so we did not take time to join the others. The music was extremely loud, we had to keep screaming to maintain our gossip. We sang and danced like there were no one else around which is satisfying. It makes you feel connected to your body, when you keep dancing until you can’t feel your knees anymore while everyone around you is raising their hands in the air and jumping.

The bride and her groom were just perfect together. I loved how they were happy and enthusiastic to keep dancing the whole time. I shouted to my friend’s ear “did your sister or the groom take anything before the wedding?” she laughed and said “No.” “Not even Red Bull?” she shook her head no, “it is euphoria’s effect then,” I said while winking, and we both burst into giggles.

Weddings are the real version of the Tinder app. Everyone tries to look as neat as possible in order to find a match. While it is hard to select only one if they are all suited up, it was easy for me to step up my goal. I saw him dancing across me on the dance floor, and followed him with eagle’s eye until our eyes met. The lighting was not clear enough but what I saw indicated that he is flawless. He was tall with a neat haircut and a burgundy blazer that grabbed my attention in the first place.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my eye on him for a long time, as the moment that I looked away I could not find him again, as if he vanished. I did manage to catch the bouquet, but apparently, he was not the one.

Me after capturing the bouquet 

After the wedding, my friends and I decided to go for a late-night bite. Yes, there was a buffet in the wedding, but you know dancing needs food. Again, all eyes were on us, the weird girls in soiree eating shawarma at three at the morning.  

With my energy depleted, my mind was begging for some silence, and my little toes were screaming for mercy. It was time to go home!

After the wedding has ended