My Movie 2
My family watching the match 

Kahk is on the table, everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat, holding their cup of tea milk, and all eyes on the TV.

“Elhamdullah” everyone screams after El-Shenawy, Egypt’s national team goal keeper, fended a Uruguayan possible goal. However, this relief did not last long, as everyone sank in his tension again while continue watching the match.

My cousins trying to understand what is happening in the match

The family was talking in various topics but I could hear everyone’s heart pumping. They all knew how much this match was important, and you could see in their eyes how much they were exited. Egypt was finally in the World Cup!

Egypt played versus Uruguay last Friday during the tournament which is being held in Russia this year. The match was not by any mean an ordinary one, for the smallest fact that it was the first match for me to watch since the final of the African Cup of Nations in 2010.


The whole family gathered to watch the match in our house as it was also the first day of Eid; hence, all our family expatriates were present. It gave the match more spirit, everyone was screaming, cursing and thanking God. What a wonderful gather of a complete Egyptian cheering family.

Unfortunately, happiness turned into a period of cursing then total silence after the Uruguayan goal in the 89th minute. Everyone stood while watching these last 5 extra minutes as if they were ready to enter the field and play or at least hit the Uruguayan team.

We were all in a state of shock, disbelief, yet there were sparks of undying hope. Still, it was a false one, as Egypt lost anyway.

That is why I hate watching matches! I get competitive, outrageous, and frightened. My heart pumps as if I am being chased by a killer with a knife dripping blood everywhere. The same knife that my family wish to have now, to go after the Uruguayan players.